Friday, August 18, 2017

cooper makes 10.

cooper, my cooper, is 10. double digits. a full decade. it is bittersweet. i am so proud of the young man he has grown to be through his short life span. i feel so blessed to have spent 10 years with this sweet guy. but it breaks my heart to think that the years with him under my roof are quickly dwindling. can time please slow down?

cooper is incredible in more ways than one. i could brag about his brilliance in the classroom. I could boast about his abilities on various sports fields. i could rave about his reading. i could gloat about his goodness. i could even puff about his pleasant personality. but that's all true cooper form. that has been in his being since the beginning. instead, i'll focus on some of the new ways cooper has blossomed over the past year.

cooper has become quite courageous. he has always been a pretty shy guy but he has really shed his shell over the past year. there are very few signs of the timid tot he once was. he's not just brave in social ways, he's also pushed himself to try new things and set new limits. i love it. he was once afraid of the unknown but lately, he has welcomed new scenarios, new scenes, and new challenges. like basketball. he gave it a shot a few years ago and really wasn't a fan. and he hasn't picked up a ball since. so you can imagine my surprise when he asked to give the sport another go this past summer. i was so proud of his willingness to try. going in to it he said, "it's going to be hard going from being one of the best players in soccer and football to being one of the worst in basketball." i was amazed by his honesty, humility, and perseverance.  couldn't believe how much effort and how great his attitude was through the entire season. starting out he was hands down the worst on the court. but he never stopped trying, he never gave anything but his best, and he thrived. he learned so much during that season. not just about basketball, but about life. i am so proud of this brave boy.

this has been the year for so much emotional growth as cooper slowly transitions from boyhood to teen. i am so amazed with how well he handles most everything. he is pretty good at understanding his needs, wants, feelings, and body. what amazes me most is how he chooses to talk to me about any & every big thing on his mind. this is an honor i do not take lightly. i strive to answer all of his questions & concerns with as much honest fullness as i can. he isn't loving this new transition. he likes to cling to his childish ways. and i don't blame him so we don't rush him. he has his whole life to be grown, i think he deserves as much time as a kid as he can possibly get. he is not as mature & a little more naive than most his friends. in my mind, that is a really great thing. i'm learning to loosen the leash a little & give him more control over himself (with plenty of coaching & encouragement, of course). like his room. he is a natural tornado & always ends up with a stream of messes behind him. he's pretty good about cleaning up with instruction but i'm trying to let him take charge of his own space (which is torture for my OCD).

he isn't a very flexible kid. he loves predictability & structure. he thrives with a full nights sleep. he does not like when things disrupt our family time, especially movie nights. he is an extroverted introvert, so as much as he loves hanging out with friends he needs his quiet time. and that's ok because four out of five watkins teammates are natural introverts so we all depend on a little me-time.

cooper has big dreams & i do not doubt he will make all of them come true. he wants to attend college, play professional soccer, live in europe, own a corvette, be a husband and a father, become an author, and make it to heaven. he is practical in everything and he knows that these are all attainable things. we finally made a year long dream come true when he opened his first bank account last week. he takes his financial situation very seriously. he is a saver.

he loves nothing more than playing soccer at the park with his mom, dad, & brothers. his favorite treats are chocolate chip pizookies & insists on having them every time he is in charge of movie night dessert. he is a major bookworm & always has a book in hand. he loves playing fifa & watching soccer videos. he is always down for an adventure & can never get enough of the outdoors. he has more energy than any child i've ever known. in fact, the only things i can think of that he truly hates are steak, shopping, & sleeping.

happy double digits, cooper! you are going to rock this being a 10 year old thing! we love you so much. more than you will ever know. you are the leader of our pack, our team captain. you started our family off & in so many ways you have been the glue that's held us together. you are so wonderful in so many ways. and we are forever and ever grateful to call you ours.

1. cooper's best friend: Rex & Jameson
2.  cooper's name: cooper watkins
3.  cooper prefers to go by: Cooper
4.  cooper's favorite animals: Megaladon
5.  what does cooper want to be when he grows up: A professional soccer player, a dad, & an author.
6. cooper's favorite movie: Wonder Woman
7.  cooper's favorite song: Believer by Imagine Dragons
8.  what makes cooper happy?  When I get things, going to the park, & playing video games.
9.  what makes cooper sad? When he is left out by his brothers.
10.  cooper's favorite food:  Five layer burritos from Taco Bells & omelets from Koa's & McDonald's Pico de Guacamole burger
11.  cooper's favorite place: Utah & Hana
12.  cooper's favorite color: Teal
13.  cooper's favorite game: Soccer
14.  cooper's #1 wish right now: To be the best soccer player of my time.
15: cute cooper quotes: while playing their real life version of the game of life (they act out the board game by finding books to match their career, buying cars, houses, & even wives & children) tj offered cooper a wife & coop asked, "is she the prettiest lady in the world?" and tj said, "yes." then cooper said, "yea, but is she the smartest lady in the world?" and tj said, "she's the second smartest lady in the world." then cooper said, "ok that's pretty good. but is she good at soccer?" he knows what he wants in a woman!

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