Tuesday, June 27, 2017

cinco de mylo

we celebrated mylo's big fifth in the only way that seemed natural, a cinco de mylo party. the entire party was focused on the birthday boy & his new number. he invited his cinco best friends (& their brothers), he played his cinco favorite party games, he had his cinco favorite foods, & his cinco favorite desserts. it was a everything this little boy wanted & more.

he planned the entire event from start to finish & knowing the every adapting mylo i made sure to keep things flexible so he could adjust his birthday plan as the party evolved. the one thing he insisted on having was a piñata, & what cinco de mayo party is complete without a piñata? he also had the idea to save our bean cans to make a "super knock down can tower." there was also donuts on a string, a pin-the-tail-on-the-donkey, a few rounds of musical chairs, & mylo's personal favorite, water play. with a house full of boys all you really need is room to run & a few hundred water balloons & they are set for hours of fun. seriously, boys are so easy to please. 

 mylo opted to order taco bell for his birthday lunch. we picked up a few boxes of his favorite burritos & tacos. he helped me make salsa, pico de gallo, & guacamole. we also his favorite fruits & street corn. as for treats, which is basically the whole reason mylo has parties (friends + presents + treats) we opted to try our own rendition of milk bar's famous layered birthday cake. it was just as delicious as we dreamed. worth every second of labor & every trip to the store. we also made milk bar's birthday cake truffles (we weren't huge fans), milk bar's birthday cake cookies (by far the best sugar cookie/funfetti cookie we've tried), churro chex mix, virgin strawberry margaritas, & cake batter ice cream.  

if there's anything mylo loves about a birthday it's the opportunity to be the birthday boss. he loves running the show. and when it came to his fiesta i think he did a pretty fantastico job! he made sure everyone left with their own "mucho gracias, muchacho" treat bag.

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