Tuesday, January 2, 2018

tj turns 7.

you know that old saying, "one year & wiser, too," well, that totally doesn't apply to my tj. he's one year older & about five years wiser. he may only be 7 but he's a well put together seven year old. he amazes me on the regular.

tj is not just smart, he really is wise. he just gets things. he understands life, people, the way the world works. he's a numbers guy. math in all forms is just his thing. he memorizes everyone's license plates.  he's always counting & adding & subtracting. he's even figuring out the basics of negatives & fractions & multiplication on his own. he just thinks about the world & what goes on around him numerically. it's fascinating really. his teacher says that she always calls on him last when searching for a math answer because she always knows he will get it right. and she likes to try to trick him with tough questions-but it never works. tj's memory is a steal trap. that guy remembers every detail or everything that anyone ever said or did. he remembers every where he's been & how to get there. again, it's fascinating. until he's correcting me on every account. then it's humbling.

tj is mature. he is reliable & responsible. i always know i can count on a tj. he is conservative & cautious. he never pushes his limits. he is intuitive, empathetic, aware, & thoughtful. his heart is so big that i amazed it fits in his little chest. he is understanding. he never wants to put anyone else & he is always so content with what he is given. he's always telling me, "it's ok," & ensuring me that my mistakes actually worked out for the better when i get things wrong. he is a peacemaker. he gets along with everyone-but that doesn't mean that he likes everyone. he cracks me up. he plays with every kid that comes his way but at the end of the day he really prefers to be around nice people. he really doesn't care for rude, grumpy, or snotty people. he is kind & good. tj has an incredible sense of right & wrong. and he truly likes to choose right. he really just likes to be a good person. but he does have one weakness…swear words. the kid loves to curse. and i figure if that's the one bad thing he does, i'm totally ok with it. plus, it's pretty damn funny. he always considers others, to the point that it can make his life unnecessarily hard. he wants to include everyone, make every thing fair, & help everyone he passes. especially babies. he has a real thing for babies. it's adorable to see this shy guy around an infant. first, he'll spy the baby & stealthily watch it from across the room. then he'll slowly inch his closer. after a few minutes, he's suddenly next to the baby. he'll discreetly start rubbing the baby's hand or foot while maintaining a neutral stance focusing else where in attempts to hide his excitement. and when no one is looking he'll start kissing baby's forehead & rubbing his cheek on the baby's. it's hilarious. i always tease that he has two weaknesses, babies & balls.

this kid loves sports. he will play anything with a ball. i'd dare say 90% of his free time is spent in a sports related activity. really, nothing excites or frustrates him like a sporting event. tj is really the most chill child. he is so easy to please & cruises through life. until a ref makes a bad call in the game he's watching or his brother makes an unfair foul or his video game character commits an error in a game. then my little angel turns in to a total beast. he never throws fits, ever. unless a sports game is involved. i guess that's true passion. his favorites are still football & soccer but he switches things up & throws in some baseball, golf, tennis, & basketball on the regular. he doesn't just have incredible physical abilities, oh no, this kid has quite the mental game. he understands the rules, plays, & ongoings of even the most complex games. he puts me to shame. he will call plays before they are run, & he's always coming up with better alternatives than what the coaches call. and that's why we call him "coach." it's kind of his calling. he doesn't have the best work ethic, he prefers to exert the minimal amount of physical & mental effort to accomplish menial tasks. but when it comes to sports the kid just won't stop. there is nothing worst for a tj than having to quit a game early. or even on time. he wants to keep playing until long after the sun has gone down.

tj is quiet, until he's not. we always tease that tj has two volumes, he's either making my heart swoon with his tender raspy voice or he's making my headache with his high pitched squeals & screams. his teacher says that she never hears him talk until free time, when he gets so caught up having fun he forgets he's in school. then he's suddenly loud, like real loud. he loves to be with his brothers & friends but he really cherishes his alone time. he's the best snuggler the world has ever seen. nothing lights my life like his surprise kisses, his cheek rubs, & his bear like hugs. tj, you own me. he loves art. he is often found with paper & crayons doodling away. he loves music & warms my heart with every note he sings. he is a sucker for oreos & milk. he is a guacamole master, no bowl of guac leaves our kitchen without his critical approval. he'd eat mexican food for every meal if i'd let him. he's mad about race cars & dreams of owning a corvette one day. he's a friend to everyone, but his bff's are his brothers. 

tj, we love you more than words can say. you've had a pretty awesome seven years & i am pretty excited to see where these next twelve months will take you. there's nothing you can't do. you're going to do big things one day, tj. you just wait & see. you fill our hearts & our home with so much joy, so much peace, & so much love. we are forever grateful for you. happy birthday, tj.

tj insisted on celebrating his big day with a soccer party. no big surprise there. i decided to combine his three loves soccer, flags, & trophies to put together a world cup party. he was totally surprised & loved every bit. he invited his closest friends & played soccer until we literally ran out of drinks & were near dehydration. his only party requests were soccer, a milk bar style birthday cake, & flags. tj, we love every excuse to celebrate you. 

1.  tj's best friend: kam (he had a tough time answering this. he hates to make anyone feel left out.)
2.  tj's name: todd t.j. watkins jr.
3.  tj prefers to go by: t.j.
4.  tj's favorite animals: penguin
5.  what does tj want to be when he grows up: a football player
6.  tj's favorite movie: college football games
7.  tj's favorite song: "watch me" by silento
8.  what makes tj happy? "when cooper & daddy go with me to the park to play football"
9.  what makes tj sad? going to school
10.  tj's favorite food:  joe-joe's & pancakes & eggs
11.  tj's favorite place: football fields & football stores
12.  tj's favorite color: really, really light blue
13.  tj's favorite game: football
14.  tj's #1 wish right now: "to have my own real football helmet. i would want to play for auburn & have a football helmet & jersey."

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