Thursday, August 18, 2016

Cooper's 9.

Yes, you read that right. Cooper is nine. Nine! That's half-way to adulthood. The empty-nest syndrome has already kicked in & I am dreading his uncontrollable growth. He almost reaches my shoulder & it's only a few short years until he's passed me up completely. And i'm not just talking about height. This kid's intellect is leaps & bounds beyond anything I understand. He's a brilliant little star. He read the entire Harry Potter series in 2 months. He taught himself how to multiply. And he has a memory like a steel trap. He can watch, read, or hear something once & it is forever committed to his memory. No joke. His comprehension is off the charts. He understands concepts, theories, ideas, well beyond his tender years. And the best part? He loves to learn. He constantly asks to go to the library & he can never get his hands on enough books. His favorite subjects are history, geography, geology, & science. But this little bookworm has had a new distraction…video games. He loves video games (what 9 year old boy doesn't?). His favorites are Star Wars & FIFA. He would play all day if I let him-but I don't.

Soccer is dominating this little athlete's life lately. After winning his first (and second) tournament(s) this summer he has been a little soccer obsessed. He prefers to wear soccer jerseys, he loves getting outside to practice his skills, & he wants to learn everything there is to learn about the sport. His favorite players are Messi & Pele. This year he will be playing flag football & running cross country in addition to playing soccer. I know that sounds like a lot, but trust me, he loves it. He is happier when he is busy doing what he loves. Without school & sports for a month this summer he was going stir crazy & he is more than ready for a busy fall. Coop is a big ball of endless energy. Seriously, I think I've heard him say that he was tired maybe 5 times in his 9 years. He is my Energizer bunny that just never quits.

Cooper is really such a gem. He is a good kid. Always has been. He's never gotten in trouble at school, sports, church, or with family or friends. He's never been scolded by anyone other than his parents. In fact, he is always praised by teachers, coaches, & other adults. He just listens, obeys, does his best, & has a good attitude (ok-he doesn't always act like this at home, but hey, nobody is perfect! I'm ok with a little rebellion in the comfort of your own home). We've really lucked out with this guy. He sets a great example for his brothers. He really is just so good. I love knowing that I can trust him in most any situation because he never fails to be good. He has turned in to a big boy in the last few months. He's lost some of his sweet innocence & taken on a new fascination for everything gross like bodily functions & messy foods, & bugs. But, that's just boys, right? I hope it's all a phase. He's also taken to teasing. This is a new one for us, but his little brothers roll with the punches pretty well & are pretty good at giving Coop a taste of his own medicine.

We are so blessed to have this big guy as the leader of our pack. He is strong, curious, brave, obedient, observant, persistent, energetic, responsible, smart, & in so many ways purely fantastic. He sets the bar high with his endless expectations but his hardworking attitude helps him achieve his dreams no matter how big they are. He pushes me to always be better & do better. He's never satisfied with mediocre. He's always setting new goals & striving to achieve them. He teaches me so much. He melts my heart with his genuine smile, his joyful laugh, & his sweet "the amos" at the end of every night. He is a leader. He is so wonderful & we love him so. Cooper, we fall more & more in love with you every day. You are my very best friend & there is no one I enjoy talking to more than you, Sonshine. Thanks for being you. We love you more than words can possibly say.

**I asked him if we could take his annual birthday pictures. He wasn't keen on the idea so we made a deal. He agreed to take the pictures as long as he could wear a soccer jersey & play soccer while I took pictures. I'm not at all surprised. And I love how these shots show the true Cooper in his element.**

1. cooper's best friend: TJ
2.  cooper's name: cooper watkins
3.  cooper prefers to go by: Cooper
4.  cooper's favorite animals: Spinosaurus
5.  what does cooper want to be when he grows up: A professional soccer player, an inventor, a dad, a lawyer, a president, & that's all.
6. cooper's favorite movie: The Hobbit 3
7.  cooper's favorite song: You Can Count On Me by Bruno Mars & Hey Soul Sister by Train
8.  what makes cooper happy?  Having fun. Playing sports, reading, playing on the PlayStation, seeing new things, & exploring.
9.  what makes cooper sad? When he is left out by his brothers.
10.  cooper's favorite food:  Five layer burritos from Taco Bells & omelets from Koa's
11.  cooper's favorite place: New York
12.  cooper's favorite color: Blue
13.  cooper's favorite game: Soccer
14.  cooper's #1 wish right now: To invent a time machine to study history.
15: cute cooper quotes: "buenos nachos" he's been learning Spanish & hasn't quite mastered "good night." But that's partly my fault, I refuse to correct this cuteness. 

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  1. Sara,

    I came across your blog after I read a post on How Does She about emotional intelligence. First, let me say I loved the post (and left a comment). Second, I loved reading about your fun family trips on your blog, and I'm hoping to learn something from you. You sound so relaxed, and like you actually enjoy your family camping trips. So, here are my questions: How do you get a decent night's sleep in a tent on the ground with a bunch of kids? Do you ever get exhausted trying to set up tents and feed kids in the wilderness and pack, then unpack, then pack and unpack again? How do you deal with the mud, dirt, sand, and general mess of things? What in the world do you eat that you don't have to prepare? I have 4 kids ages 5 and under, and I would love to figure out how to go camping together and have me actually enjoy it. And I'm sure my husband would love it too if I could figure it out!! Thanks so much!!