Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Mylo's Minion Mayhem.

Mylo decided on a very appropriate theme for his birthday, again this year. Minions! I really couldn't describe his curious, wild, & silly character in a more perfect way. I felt awful going in to this party because I was pretty swamped coming home from a long vacation to a lot of lose ends that needed tending. Normally, I would have started his birthday prep long before but this year it all came down to the last minute. Due to time restraints I limited his celebrations to a movie party. I outlined all the movies that would be playing the week of his birthday & I wasn't the least bit surprised when he picked Minions (a dollar movie, nonetheless. Score!) Mylo wasn't the least bit bothered by the last minute party prep. He was just happy to have some new toys, his "buddies," & a belly full of goodies. He is really such a sweet & easy-to-please guy. His only party requests were 1. Squirt guns 2. Pizza 3. Banana pops 4. Bingo 5. Friends. Totally doable.

We went to the movie to watch Minions. We brought goody bags full of some of Mylo's favorite snacks (juice boxes, fruit snacks, lollipops, & "minion munch"). & of course, some Minion glasses for all the guests. After the movie we went to the fountains so the kids could play while eating their pizza, minion-ade, chips, banana-pops, & cupcakes (all per Mylo's requests). We played Minion Bingo, had a Minion-ish language lesson, played with Minion props, & the kids got their own "anti-gravity" serum, & "sting ray" guns to use in the fountains.  Everyone seemed to have fun, but none more than the birthday boy. He was so happy to have the spotlight. He loves being boss (or as we call him, Mr. Mylo) & he loved his birthday boy role.

Birthday parties are often exhausting, but Mylo makes them easy, light, & fun. We sure love you Minion Mylo. We loved making your special day a little more special. We can't wait to celebrate with you again next year!

**Oh & I totally forgot my camera for the party. Go figure. So ignore the poor picture quality & focus on the adorable little birthday boy.

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