Friday, December 2, 2016

tj turns 6

today tj turns 6. and it's about time, too. he's been claiming the age for over a month now. he's mature, intelligent, & sizable enough to pass, too. tj is an absolute delight. he brings so much joy to my world. he is a natural caretaker, peacemaker, & friend. he is thoughtful, kind, & sweet beyond compare. he is aware of those around him, and their feelings.  he likes to make sure that everyone around him is included, cared for, & happy. he has a big heart & he isn't afraid to use it. he is a major snuggle & up until this past month only todd & i reaped the rewards of his boundless bear hugs & sweet snuggles. but during our trip to the mainland he was handing out loves left & right to his aunties, uncles, grandparents, & cousins. he truly loves his family. and their dogs. tj is a major dog lover. i would argue to say that he is more in love with the dogs we visited than the people. tank & lola being his favorites. tj is shy, the shyest of all my guys. he's cautious with people, and very observant of their actions, and aware of their natures. but once you break through his walls & earn his trust, he will love you something fierce. and you will witness the immense emotion & energy that he hides inside. he is silly & wild & a real crack up once you get to know tj. he is absolutely hilarious. but he is a bit of an introvert. he enjoys his friends & family but he does get overwhelmed at times & craves alone time. he could play football by himself for hours. speaking of which, this kid's love for football has only grown since his last birthday. i would dare say that he is obsessed. he wakes up & plays football. gets home from school & plays football. talks about football. watches football. reads about football. and according to his accounts, he dreams only of football. he has a natural eye for the game & understands so much more than i do. his physical skill is nothing compared to the mental game this boy masters. tj just completed his first flag football season. he started out a bit reserved but quickly let his skill shine. he scored touchdowns, ran plays, & pulled flags with the best of them (which is pretty rad considering he was the youngest on his team.) he has crazy good running skills & made some pretty incredible jukes to dodge defenders. but he is just as incredible in the classroom as he is on the field. tj is excelling in school both academically & socially. he is sounding out words, performing basic addition and subtraction, & solving pretty complex critical thinking. he is a natural leader & the kids in his class recognize it. when asked to choose someone to take charge they always vote tj. they recognize that he is capable & fair. his teacher is always sure to call on him because she knows (what we have come to understand around our house) that tj doesn't speak up a ton but when he does he has put a lot of thought in to what he has to say & you should pay attention. tj earned the pueo award for "beginning with the end in mind" which didn't surprise me in the least. tj is a bit of a rebel deep down inside. don't tell him i told you, but he secretly loves saying swear words. i don't know why, there's no explaining it, but he has had a love for bad words since he was only two. and he has been known to walk the line on house rules on more than one occasion. 

tj we love you more than words can say. you are such an incredible blessing to our family. you bring so much peace, joy, & love in to our lives. watching you grow has been a true pleasure & i can't wait to see all the things you accomplish as you continue on your adventure we call life. you are great in so many ways & greatness is a natural part of you. we love you, tijjy buns. inside & out.

1.  tj's best friend: kam (he had a tough time answering this. he hates to make anyone feel left out.)
2.  tj's name: todd t.j. watkins jr.
3.  tj prefers to go by: t.j.
4.  tj's favorite animals: penguin
5.  what does tj want to be when he grows up: a football player
6.  tj's favorite movie: college football games
7.  tj's favorite song: "watch me" by silento
8.  what makes tj happy? "when cooper & daddy go with me to the park to play football"
9.  what makes tj sad? going to school
10.  tj's favorite food:  joe-joe's & pancakes & eggs
11.  tj's favorite place: football fields & football stores
12.  tj's favorite color: really, really light blue
13.  tj's favorite game: football
14.  tj's #1 wish right now: "to have my own real football helmet. i would want to play for auburn & have a football helmet & jersey."

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