Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Reading 101

coop finished off 1st grade a proud as a peach. he couldn't wait to bring home his 8 notebooks & read every single page of completed school work to me. yes, even the math problems. in fact, he was so proud he asked me to help him type up some of his writing passages from his reading class on here to share with his family. since, he decided to take up typing this summer we opted to make it a joint effort. so the two of us worked together to bring you two of his favorite assignments. it may seem like we're showing off but since he reads this blog more than anyone i just had to appease my biggest fan what he wanted. and you know me, i'm a sucker for that kid. plus, it's nice to have these things permanently stuck on the web, for preservation purposes. he learned so much this year. i can't rave enough about his incredible teacher & the entire school staff. his school's curriculum is based on the 7 healthy habits. i love hearing him talk about synergizing, putting first things first, being proactive, making win-win solutions, & beginning with the end in mind. it's so comforting sending him to a place that isn't only teaching him his ABC's & 123's but instilling good character & inspiring him to build a strong foundation.

this post is brought to you by cooper:

highlights from this year: 1. My teacher uses the app class dojo to send weekly behavior reports to the parents. i only had two negative marks all year long. 2. I won awards for being proactive & beginning with the end in mind. 3. I was picked to present my class's work for the parents at  ho'ike. 4. I built a bottle rocket & won first place in my class. 5. I had five class projects but my favorite was my tiger shark presentation.

Happy Birthday USA
by Cooper Watkins

Whiz! Boom! Bong! That's the sound of fireworks that tear through the air. Colors light up the sky. Bands play and crowds roar. It's the Fourth of July! Each year people celebrate the birthday of the United States. It is a day for us all to share. We enjoy parades, fireworks, and picnics. This kind of party has gone on for over two hundred years. But how did this holiday begin? In 1775 our nation was small, it had 13 colineas. Today our nation has 50 states. More then 302 million people live in the US now. When it was 1719 there were only 19,000 people in the USA. In 1859 there were 3 million people living in the US. In 1999 there were 302 million people in the US. In 2015 there are 302 million 4000 people in the US. Do you know when there was first Americans? When England took control of the USA. That was in 1524 when there was so little people in the US. Let's go in to 1524 when our nation was very little or tiney. When it was 1673 George Washington led the army agaenst England. They won! But with nobody to lead the nation George Washington was the president. He was a very nise president.

some of mommy's favorite sentences from cooper's spelling notebook this year:

9/2/14   What was the presint? It was a saperise! I wander what it will be. A boat. What if it was a remote boat or a big toy moater boat? Now it is nite time. I wock up and it was a big remote boat. It was my forst gess! Yessss!

9/9/14   I only like to kiss in kolig.

10/15/14   I like to help my mom wen there is bevy stuff to hold.

10/30/14 My mom winks at me if I do a good thing.

12/17/14 My nose is very cute because it's the shape of a cube and it has very nise manners.

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