Saturday, June 13, 2015

kahakuloa relay

in mid april my athletic & super runner friend, krista, invited me to run the kahakuloa half marathon relay with her. i had to contemplate the offer for a good 48 hours but i finally said yes. and i am so glad i did. i'm not a runner. i think running is cool, but it just isn't my thing. i've never been able to get in to that groove that some runners reach. oh no, with each & every step i'm feeling every piece of my body scream & i'm wondering why the hell i'm out there & how much further until the end. but i do appreciate a good challenge & i was definitely lacking motivation to get up & moving. so thanks to krista's constant encouragement & motivation i went from dragging my aching body through 2 miles to confidently & comfortably (well, relatively comfortably) completing 8 miles. yes, i ran 8 miles at one time & didn't die.

the race was awesome. definitely a highlight of things i've done on maui, actually it is one of the coolest things i've done in my adult life. the race was a half marathon & since we did the relay we each ran 6.5 miles. it began at d.t. flemming & ended at kahakuloa. i thought i was smart offering to take the first leg but i was so off. the course was 80% hills & i had the three biggest inclines. but i did it, & again, i didn't die. the views were incredible. sure, i've driven that road a few dozen times but running it was a completely different experience. i was able to really take in the beauty & feel of that peaceful & pristine piece of maui. after running my leg i opted to finish the last mile of the course with a few friends. meeting my boys at the finish line was my favorite part of the day. after years of chearing todd on it was pretty cool havin the roles reversed. this was an amazing first, & probably last, race. i think it's time to hang up my nikes. 

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