Wednesday, July 17, 2013

california (part 1): san diego & l.a.

after 10 glorious months in paradise we paid our dues & made it back to the mainland. our first destination was to our winter/watkins ohana in southern california. we took the red eye to california. the boys slept the whole way, todd managed to sleep about half the trip, and ?, well, i nodded off as the pilot announced we were preparing to land. i just couldn't get comfortable in those stiff seats with an infant in my arms. sleep is overrated anyways (i don't think i've slept more than 5 hours straight in the past 3.5 years). we were a little shell shocked getting back to mainland culture. right away we were stunned by the roadways. we are used to 45 mph two-lane highways so imagine us on the freeways of san diego. needless to say, we were the slowest vehicle in sight.

our first stop on the mainland was a little unconventional. tijuana. yes, we stepped off the plane in san diego, grabbed some chic-filet, & headed to mexico. we needed to quench our authentic mexican thirst (mexican on maui is less than par). while there todd's wallet disapeared (say it was stolen or lost-no matter-two weeks later it was returned via mail with all contents intact minus the cash.)

when we weren't chillin with our family & friends we attended a padres game, surfed the freezing san diego water, hit up our favorite so cal food spots, took a ferry to coronado where we biked around the beach, visited sea world, kayaked around la jolla (we got up close & personal with some seals-rad), did some once-a-year shopping, saw old friends at the reggie bush training camp, & had an early birthday celebration for mylo & todd compliments of our favorite tiffy. the boys adored spending time with their family & seeing different sites. they were not fans of all the driving (we live on a relatively small island), the freezing ocean, & the chilly weather. todd's favorite part was surfing & kayaking around his home turf. cooper's highlight was the night auntie tiff treated us to an amazing night at corvette diners full of singing, dancing, endless arcade games, cotton candy, & everything a little boy could dream of. tj loved riding the trolley & ferry, & playing with grandma cindy's micro machines. mylo's favorite part was hanging out with all his adoring fans-nana, grandma cindy, & auntie tiffy. i just loved all the food: chic-filet, in-n-out, chipotle, pei wei, del taco, & phil's bbq. mmm-mmm-mmmmmmmm.

aloha oe our wonderful winter/watkins ohana! we love & miss you, so! hope to see you on maui soon!

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