Monday, July 22, 2013

california (part 2): the bay & yuba citay

after enjoying a week in southern california we headed north. the drive was brutal. the longest drive we make on maui is 40 minutes so 6 hours in the car was torture. but we made it. we spent the next 3 weeks (todd only stayed for 1 week-he had to get back to work) playing all day every day. between my parents' pool & hot tub, being spoiled by all their aunties, & having their best friends (their cousins) around the boys were in absolute heaven. we made a couple little trips to places like the zoo, & the park, & the river but mostly we just stayed home, binged on our favorite foods, & played. 

coop fell right into place the second we arrived. tj was a little hesitant at first but with a little encouragement & bribery he was quickly over it. mylo took a little time to warm up but i was shocked with how well he adjusted. cooper's favorite part of the trip were swimming & cousins. tj loved his aunties & grandparents, & the constant array of treats. mylo was obsessed with all the dogs, especially maddy. my favorite part was the constant help with my boys-being able to run to target or grab a bite to eat sans children is a luxury i don't often have. i also loved eating at all my favorite food spots & the abundance of fresh fruits & veggies in my mom's garden. 

we loved going back to the mainland but there was no better feeling than returning back to maui. i made the flight with the 3 boys solo! i was dreading it for weeks but everything turned out just fine. not one of them fussed. of course, i was constantly on the go rotating snacks, activities, & toys every 5 seconds doing everything possible to keep them from getting upset, but that's the job of a mother. tj was adorable, he wanted to be in his carseat the whole flight. he kept telling me that it was dangerous to get out of his carseat because he might fall out of the plane into the ocean & a shark would eat him-makes sense to me. we were all so excited when we saw our little island pop into the window. we just couldn't wait to be home. 

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