Tuesday, May 28, 2013

take your child to work day

a few weeks ago cooper attended work with todd as part of the national take-your-child-to-work day. coop was beyond excited. he originally planned to wear "fancy clothes" to work. when the time came to get ready he decided he wanted to be comfortable but he would still wear a tie, you know, to keep things professional. he packed his backpack completely full of snacks & little things to keep himself occupied. as it turned out, he didn't need any of it. he spent the day working. todd is great at adapting jobs for little minds. he planned a full day of activities to teach coop & help him feel involved. cooper shredded, filed, cut, stapled, counted, distributed, colored, played ping-pong, & took a tour of the grounds. it just so happened that cooper came to job corps on the day of their talent show. he loved watching the various students show off their skills-most of the students are from other countries around the south pacific so there was a lot of dancing & music. coop especially loved eating at the cafeteria. he had two full plate of pig. i think it's safe to say cooper loved every moment of his day at work. in fact, he has asked me at least 6 times since then when the next take-your-child-to-work day is.

(excuse the one poor picture-it seems that i accidentally deleted all the pictures i took with my fancy camera & i am left with only this iphone shot.)

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