Thursday, May 23, 2013

sweet sabbath

i love traditions. i really, really love traditions. i create new traditions all the time but my favorite is to incorporate & keep alive traditions from my childhood. our newest tradition comes from one of my favorite weekly customs from my upbringing. every sunday night for as long as i can possibly remember my dad would make the most mouth-watering chocolate chip cookies. it started as an intimate family gathering. eventually, it evolved to a friends & family social event. at one point it grew to a large affair & our whole house would be full of people hanging out & nibbling on cookies. my dad was such a good sport. he would make dozens & dozens of cookies. i cherrish so many fond memories from our cookie sundays. so the last few weeks my boys & i have spent our sunday evenings baking.

the boys love helping in the kitchen almost as much as they love devouring the finished product. we've broadened our cookie horizons & bake beyond the chocolate chip to meet whatever flavor our taste buds desire on that particular day. i so love cooking with my boys, remembering my faraway family, & beginning the week with fresh baked goodness.

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