Monday, April 8, 2013

hau`oli pakoa 2013

i know i say this every year but, easter really is my favorite holiday. and what better way to spend my favorite day than in my favorite place with my favorite people (although, i really do with i could have flown my sisters, parents,  nieces, & nephews over). we celebrated the holiday with 3 egg hunts (one with our favorite maui mama's play group at kamaole III, one with our dear friends in orinda forest, & one with just our ohana at charlie young beach). we painted eggs, made & devoured many tastey easter inspired treats, & discussed the role our Savior plays in this very special day. i decided to tone down the easter presents this year since we have a much smaller living space & we really don't need all that crud cluttering up our home. the boys didn't mind at all. we barbequed teri beef at the cove for lunch then we headed to my auntie & uncle's hotel for more swimming. it was unlike any easter i've had before. 

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