Tuesday, April 9, 2013

catchin' waves

lately our lives have been dominated by the waves. it seems like whenever the waves are good we spend every free minute either riding them or admiring them. there is honestly nothing in the world like the waves of the ocean. they are strong, beautiful, & absolutely mesmorizing. it's amazing how each wave is completely unique. i am so comforted & put to ease by the steady rhythym of the constant crashing as they hit the shore.

todd is more-or-less obsessed with waves. he is in the water at least 5 days a week on the sup, surfboard, or boogie board. the boys are getting more & more into surfing & they love riding along with us to catch waves on the sup. coop's even started paddling a bit on his own. when we aren't enjoying the waves first hand we are at home watching movies & documentaries on surfing. we watch the surf report & local web cams. we love heading out to ho'okipa or jaws for an up close look when the waves are big. 

we are so blessed to live on this little piece of tropical paradise. we live in complete awe of the beauty of our home. we try to enjoy all that maui has to offer to the complete fullest.

mommy on the sup

daddy on the sup

wave watching at jaws

i really need to bring my camera out more. there are so many amazing experiences we have yet to document.

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