Thursday, April 4, 2013

spring breaking 2013

  cooper had theeee longest spring break ever. he had a full 9 days off before he went back for a mere 1.5 days of school which was followed by another 3 days off. the truth is, i only wish it had been longer. i absolutely loved having him home full time. i am counting down the next 8 weeks until summer break. i just can't wait to have my boo back fulltime. 

on his first day of break my very systematic, orderly, & schedule oriented child created a chart outlining his plan for spring break. he listed all the activities he wanted to do during his time off. and one-by-one we checked them off.

cooper's "spring break fun" guide:

.polipoli trail
.shave ice at ululani's
.kamoto's donuts on a stick
.swimming pool at westin villas
.lavendar fields
.strawberry u-pick
.makawao reserve trail
.kihei boardwalk
.lei making
.tide pools at sugar beach
.ocean center
.krispy kremes
.egg hunt at orinda forest trail
.kalama park
.swimming at kam I
.hula pie at kimo's
.turtle & wave watching at ho'okipa
.costco lunch date with daddy
.jaws wave watching
.beach day with friends

amidst all this fun we still made time for board games, trips to the library, dance parties, play dates, scooter rides, surfing, baking, planting flowers, wrestling, basketball, painting, reading, tickle fests, playing cards, legos, redboxing, & everything else his little 5-year-old heart could desire. and our weekends were full of surfing with daddy (i'll post more on that later). i really hope he enjoyed his time away from school as much as i did. i put off all my normal activities (running errands, cleaning-other than some minor touch ups, phone calls, emails, etc.) during spring break so i could focus my free time on coop. my favorite moments of the whole break were the few times mylo & tj napped at the same time & i was able to have some one-on-one time with cooper. this kid can talk. he loves to learn & to ask questions & to analyze & to think & to discuss. this can be very mentally draining. but i really tried hard to keep up with him despite my fatigue from many nights of restless sleep thanks to a teething infant. we chatted about volcanoes, tsunamis, friends, family, heavenly father, ancient hawaii, anything & everything his little heart desired. we laughed, we learned, & we bonded like we haven't been able to in months. i love that sweet little boy & cherrish every one of my moments with him. i am literally countin gdown the days until summer break.




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  1. You seriously are the most excellent and fun mom I think I have ever seen. When we get back to Maui we must meet up-who knows when that will be but hopefully while you five are still there!
    Love, Anna