Monday, April 22, 2013

10 months. mylo.

this last month has been a blur. the older mylo gets the more chaotic my life becomes. let me see, what's new? 

every day his hair becomes lighter & lighter. he rocks some gorgeous blonde locks. he has dropped to the 75th percentile in height & weight. guess my mighty isn't so mighty anymore. he gave up the paci. on his own. he just decided one day that he didn't want it anymore & hasn't looked back. i wasn't ready to say goodbye to his little soother but it really wasn't that effective. he was just toss it out when he really wanted to wail. he has 3 teeth! the first to come was his top right. it was hilarious. he looked like a total hillbilly with one big front tooth up top. i loved it. he loves giving high fives & head butts. he is very selective when it comes to handing out honis. he has recently discovered what a cool view it is from his feet & he loves it. he loves standing. he crawls onto everything. he works his way up stairs & even couches. this boy is a mover. you should see him go, he crawls so wikiwiki! he hates being strapped into anything. and he has insane balance. he loves to stand in the stroller or shopping cart or his little push car while i drive him around. not safe, i know. but i hold his hand so he can't fall & he loves it. 
he is pretty indpendent & likes to play by himself & explore. he's gotten pretty good & feeding himself finger food. his favorites right now are cookies & guacamole-not together. he loves his family very much. he gets so excited over todd. he squeels & squirms. he is pretty indpendent & likes to play by himself & explore. he loves following his brothers around. especially, tj. he thinks tj is absolutely hilarious. often times they will be sitting in the backseat laughing hysterically over nothing. he is much more assertive than his elder brothers. he knows what he wants & is set on getting his way. i know this will prove difficult as his mother but i am already so proud of him for his determination. he's taken to hitting big kids (cooper's friends) that get in his face too much & steal his toys. honestly, i can't blame him. those kids kind of get on my nerves, too. all-in-all, mylo (or my-my as tj calls him) is an absolute joy. he makes my heart melt everytime he reaches out for me & rests his large head on my shoulder. he is such a delight & i feel so blessed to be his mama.

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