Thursday, January 24, 2013

tutu & tutu kane

tutu & tutu kane finally found their way to maui. and we loved every minute of their (our) vacation. the second they walked out of their terminal tj was in tutu's arms & held on tight for a full 5 minutes. apparently, he really missed her. cooper loved acting as tour guide & showing his grandparents all of his favorite spots. all 3 boys loved having our guests. they were showered with love, attention, food, & gifts. what more could any boy want? todd & i loved having our favorite babysitters around. we finally had the opportunity to do so many of the non-child-friendly things we've had to put off. we ate out at delicious restauarants, hiked, surfed & boogie boarded together. my favorite day was the day before they left todd was going for a run and i decided that i probably should join him since i hadn't in months. we only made it about 150 yards before we found a trail leading up the west mountians & opted to try that instead. we ended up discovering a hike full of spectacular island views. it was amazing. afterwards we went to napili for the most divine white chocolate macadamia nut pancakes with the whole fam. we climbed around some tide pools & spent some time at the beach then todd & i climbed & jumped black rock (i love that he was more scared than me). we ended the day with pizza & our favorite shave ice, ululani's. definitely a day to be remembered. i loved having some extra helping hands to juggle the boys. i was able to volunteer at cooper's school almost every day while my parents stayed with the littles. i seriously felt like i was on all expense paid vacation. all day, every day they were taking care of the boys & treating us to anything we wanted. those 2 weeks were jam packed full of fun & went by way too fast.

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