Tuesday, January 8, 2013

i blinked

that's right, i blinked & somehow my baby grew into a man. and the day i have dreaded since i first heard his beautiful little heart beat has come. cooper has entered the public school system. (hawaii has a beautiful program known as junior kindergarten, it's just as it sounds. cooper barely misses the hawaii kindergarten deadline by 17 days, & we are totally cool with it. i like the idea of a 6 year old kindergartener & an 18 year old high school senior. plus, it decreases the grade gap between my two eldest.) putting him into school was one of the most difficult days for me. i now have a school aged child. he is away from me 30 hours a week. 30 hours a week! it kills me just thinking about it. on the other hand, cooper loves it. he loves everything about school. the kids, his teacher, recess, his new backpack, learning, lunch, homework, the library, all of it. he is so overwhelming enthusiastic when i pick him up. he tells me every single detail of the day & i drink it all in. i only wish i could sit outside & watch every bit of it. (maybe, i will.) when i picked him up on the first day i arrived 30 minutes early (i just couldn't bare the thought of being late & i had to see him) he came running outside, gave both of his brothers the biggest hugs, threw his fists in the air, & yelled, "mommy! it was awesome!" i'm happy that he's happy. but 2 o'clock comes slowly & i miss him terribly. (on a plus side, having 2 kids at home is a total breeze. i feel like i can do anything & everything with just the babies in tow.)

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