Friday, August 17, 2012


yes, 5 years ago today my world was rocked when they placed that precious little baby in my arms. i still remember looking down into his big beautiful black eyes. it was the first of three perfect moments of my life. he has grown & changed so much since then & i couldn't be more proud of the sweet little boy he has grown to be.
cooper is smart. too smart. he pays attention to everything & remembers every little detail. (often to my amusement or frustration.) he loves telling jokes & making others laugh. he has the most gorgeous smile that melts my heart in an instant. he has endless enthusiasm. his excitement radiants through every part of him & it's extremely contagious. he is super skinny & ridiculously toned for a 5 year old. he loves hearing & telling stories. his favorite things are ninjago, legos, the beach, boogie boarding, any & all  mexican food & his brothers. he is the best big brother around. he loves, cares for, & teaches his little brothers. he is usually patient & sweet to them. he dresses himself most days, which is we why he can usually be found in nothing more than a pair of basketball shorts. he loves to be independent & learn to do things for himself. he is currently working on matching his own clothes, getting the mail, memorizing his personal information, & working the microwave. 
we love that little boy more than words can say. 

happy 5th birthday, cooper.


1.  cooper's best friend:  mylo
2.  cooper's name:  coopa j watkins
3.  cooper prefers to go by:  cooper
4.  cooper's favorite animals:  super crocs
5.  what does cooper want to be when he grows up:  he refused to answer this question.  he said,"i don't know, now. i just want to wait to decide."
6.  cooper's favorite movie: transformers 3
7.  cooper's favorite song: b.o.b. "don't let me fall"
7.  what makes cooper happy?  going to the lego store
8.  what makes cooper sad?  going to the grocery store
9.  cooper's favorite food:  burritos
10.  cooper's favorite place:  the lego store & the beaches at hawaii
11.  cooper's favorite color:  orange
11.  cooper's favorite game:  mario kart on wii
12.  cooper's #1 wish right now:  to catch a turtle
12.  mommy's favorite cooper quotes of late:  "it's ok mylo, i'm here." "me, daddy, tj, & the new baby totally look like hawaii boys. mommy, you need to get back on the plane to mountain house because you don't look like a hawaii girl." "don't worry mommy. i'm going to bring this big rock on the adventure so if any dangerous animals come i can throw it at them & kill them."

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