Monday, August 20, 2012

2 months (mylo)

for real. 2 months! i can't get over it. the past few weeks have been such a blur. somehow my sweet precious little infant turned into an active noisey big infant. he is chubby. and i adore every single one of his little chubby rolls. his eyes are still a beautiful blue. and that makes my day. i hope they never change. or if they do, i hope they turn green. he is sleeping a solid 6 hours at night & after eating he is back down for another 3. it's awesome. he smiles, only for mommy. he is still the light of his brothers' lives. they adore him. they love taking care of him, holding him, snuggling him. and he is begining to enjoy their constant attention. we love this little man. so so much.

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