Thursday, August 16, 2012


i have the best parents around. it is true. want me to prove it? my parents have always been there for me, unconditionally loved me, & given me what i need (note: i said need, not want. and for that, too, i am grateful). i have always known that i could depend on them. no matter how big or small my need they have always been there to fill it. when i call them to explain a perdicament they are already suggesting ways that they can help before i can even finish explaining. my dad is the type that will go a mile out of his way to save to an inch. what more could a girl ask for?
the last 2 weeks their service was a saving grace to our family. they made the 2 hour trip to mountain house multiple times to help us in our move. they watched our boys, packed & moved a significant portion of our belongings, hauled & stored all of the items that wouldn't fit in our storage, cleaned, fed us, woke up before dawn to drive us to the airport, & my dad even offered (ok, insisted) that i take his phone with me to hawaii when my phone quit working. who does that?! not many people, that's for sure. the day before our early morning flight i finally began to feel overwhelmed. i looked around at all the cleaning, packing, & moving we still had left to do, we were almost out of time & room in our storage, and my phone was broken. i walked outside and started to tear up when my parents pulled up 2 hours earlier than expected. instantly, i felt relieved. i knew that everything would be ok. and it was. they went straight to work & solved everything. i am still overwhelmed with gratitude for them. i didn't realize how dependent we've been on them until we am now too far away to call them for help. my poor kids wont know what to do without their favorite babysitters.


  1. Dearest, that is what family does. We love you with all our heart. Thank you for the thank you, but for you....anything. Love, Mom and Dad

  2. I so know how you feel about awesome parents. And their comment above made me tear up. I guess God gave parents a special kind of love. I just tear up when I think about how awesome it is to have awesome parents. And your boys now have the privilege of an awesome mom, too.
    LOve, Anna