Sunday, August 26, 2012


we love hawaii. it is pretty much the most amazing place to live. we go to the beach every day. it's an easy 5 minute walk from our hale to our favorite beach. in fact, i can watch the waves from my bedroom window. the boys love the water. we go every day & they still mope everytime we leave. coop is learning to snorkel & boogie board. he wants to be an island boy. he loves going shirtless & shoeless & he is growing his hair out. tj just wants to splash in the water & build sand castles. mylo doesn't really know what is going on. todd loves snorkeling & is debating between taking up surfing or stand up paddling. i've been on 2 beach runs & i love it. i hope i can fit this in a little more. we all love local food. i could eat all day. actually, i do. i plan to keep my blog up to speed with our hawaiian adventures. once, we are a little more settled in that & i have more time. until then, you can always follow me on instagram (swatkins84). my posts are much more regular there.

are you ready for the photo overload?
(and to think, i've only brought my camera to the beach twice.)


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  2. So my comment somehow went under a blog my friend and I never started :) your little family and am so thrilled that you get to live in Hawaii!!!!
    Love, Anna