Sunday, January 29, 2012


i've noticed a lot of things missing lately.  and anyone who knows me knows that i do not lose things.  i am a firm believer of "there is a place for everything & everything has its place."  so after weeks of wondering where all of these misplaced items have disappeared to  i believe i have finally solved the mystery.  

the culprit:  t.j.
the crime:  throwing things in the kitchen trash
the motive:  driving his mommy insane

yesterday, the trash began singing to me.  so i peeked inside.  hiding amongst the rubbish was his fridge phonics toy. later, i found a fork & cup.  and this morning i discovered my sonicare toothbursh.  that boy is trouble.


  1. LOL! I love that boy!

  2. Shiloh in our office says his daughter Sophia (2 weeks older than TJ) is doing the same thing and they think that is where Sam's runners watch went