Wednesday, January 25, 2012


i read this article the other day (on a side note, isn't babble fab?).  it made me think.  and reflect.  and remember what  my true goal in life is.  to raise 3 gentlemen. so in answer to my own question, is chivalry dead?  i say no, not in this house.
i expect more from my boys than society's current standards. simply stated, there is a lack of gentlemen & ladies in the world today.  sometimes i think i was born in the wrong era.  oh, how i would have loved to be a feisty yet, proper doris day courted by a witty yet, chivalrous rock hudson.  really, we could use some more of that good ol' fashion respect, virtue, courtesy, and all around good behavior.  and principles.  whatever happened to those? i don't believe that women are necessarily weaker than men.  i am more-or-less a feminist.  i don't believe that women need men's assistance.  but that doesn't mean they shouldn't be offered help. i like to think of myself as an independent, mostly self-reliant woman.  but i love when a door is held open for me or an open seat is offered.  does it make me weak because i allow a man to hold a door open?  absolutely not.  that is just silly.
back to my point, i expect my sons to be gentlemen & i will settle for nothing less.  i understand that they wont be perfect & they will error in their own ways.  i get that.  but they will still try. currently, they are taught to let girls go first, treat women with respect, & open doors for ladies.  as they grow they will learn more of the proper ways to treat females.   especially, those that they decide to pursue relationships with.  and if they are ever present on a sinking ship (heaven forbid) i expect that they assist the women & children aboard lifeboats before they reserve a seat for themselves.  


  1. I have had to tell older ladies it is my boys jobs in life to get things off of shelves for them or open the door for them. Help them with putting groceries in their cars and things like that. I am totaly with you on teaching my boys to be gentlemen. People always tell me raising boys is easier. I tell them raising good boys is not. You go Mama!!!!!!!

    1. BTW that is from Amy :)

    2. Amy, you are one of my role models when it comes to raising boys. Your sons are phenomenal. Seriously, can you just raise my boys while you are at it?