Tuesday, January 31, 2012

bitty bump.

20 weeks:  starting to look & feel pregnant

i have to say, thus far, this has been the easiest pregnancy.  no aches or pains or heart burn or sickness or tiredness of any kind (i tend to have rather easy pregnancies but this has been beyond easy). on most days i forget that i'm pregnant. well, until i start to feel little kung fu moves coming from my abdomen. i crave a lot of bagels & cream cheese & chocolatey desserts. which i always give in to. but that's fairly normal for me. i love this baby.

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  1. You barely have an "outdent" on your tummy :) SO cute! And yes, that onesie was sooo easy and I just cut out felt and then hand-sewed it (it is definitely imperfect but I kind of like it that way...thought about using a sewing machine but those onesies are SMALL!). So happy for your next little boy! The whole world seems to think ours is a boy but at this point, only God knows (and the ultrasound tech)