Tuesday, October 18, 2011

so sorry.

i don't understand people who hold grudges.  really, what's the point?  i'm sure there are plenty of people who maintain ill feelings towards me regarding mistakes i made in the past & i honestly don't know or care.  i like to forgive people & move on.  mostly, because i like to give people the benefit of the doubt.  the truth is, we all try to do good.  and we all mess up.  and we all try to do better.  i'm no better than anyone else.  my mistakes & weaknesses may be different than yours but that doesn't make one of us better than the other.  so if we are equals what right do any of us have to hold judgement over another.  only 2 beings have the right.  also, i'm not here to judge the intent behind others' action or their feelings.  that's not my place.  so i assume that whoever wronged me did it unintentionally & they are sorry.  even if they don't apologize.  of course, i do like when they apologize & we are able to resolve the issue together.  lastly, i partly don't hold grudges, because i am a bit selfish.  i don't care enough about most people to give them that much thought.  i move on & forget about it.  i have more important things to devote my time & energy to than ill will towards others.  when you hold a grudge you really are only hurting yourself.  you are allowing sour emotions to stir over something that you can't change.  just get over it.  i like to think that i'm cool with everyone.  there really isn't anyone that i don't like.  that having been said, there are plenty of people that i like to avoid.  but that's cool with me, too.  i just like to keep most people on a neutral ground.  my advice:  if there's something that someone did that's nagging you, forget about it.  get on  with your life & focus on what really matters.  and if that doesn't work, then contact the person & resolve the problem with them.  i promise you'll both feel better in the end.  oh, & when you do something wrong.  just say your sorry.  it's that simple.  words from the wise.

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