Tuesday, October 18, 2011

for the boys.

so you may have noticed a new re-occuring theme on this blog.  it's a segment i have going called "for the boys".  the main purpose:  to make sure my boys know what i think about life.  so if anything ever happens to me they will still learn the life lessons i always intended them to.  i think it's a result of a near death experience i had.  i am ever aware of the fact that life is short & precious.  i understand how quickly it can be snatched away.  and should that ever happen to me i want to be prepared.  i want to know that i didn't leave my sons completely empty handed.  most of all, i want them to know how much i love them & how much thought i put into parenting.  because, when it's all said & done, there lives are my legacy.  what they do & don't do will be all that mattered about who i was.  

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  1. near death experience? no! I love "for the boys". You are a great mom!