Monday, October 24, 2011


i love my little loves.  they sure do make life lovely.
i love watching t.j. do what he loves; shoveling food in his mouth while at least half of the food ends up on his head, belly, & of course the floor.  so fun.  i love watching cooper do what he loves; soccer.  this week he dominated the game.  he dribbled the ball through everyone pulling out his superstar skills.  he juked players, made break aways, & scored.  3 times.  & i love dates with my boys.  after about a half dozen trips to the pumpkin patch i finally remembered to take some photos.  so here we are.  they aren't the best but i find it hard to focus on photo quality when i've got these two loves competing for my attention.  it was a nice way for them to recover from a very eventful doctor appointment (coop had his kindergarden shots.  ouch.  for all you parents who haven't experienced it, yet, it is awful.).


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