Sunday, October 2, 2011

general conference

it's that time of the year, again.  and i must say that good ol' conference was just as refreshing to my soul as ever.  i must admit that between a wild 4 year old, a needy 10 month old, a non-mormon husband, & my a.d.d. i didn't catch as much conference as i would have liked.  general conference in my house is rather tricky.  first, we don't get the byu channal (why comcast doesn't include it in the hd package is beyond me).  so i make do by watching via my computer.  second, todd is not lds.  he values the family church experience so he humors me & attends my church every sunday, but when it comes to conference he takes the weekend off.  third, it's rather hard to pay attention when i am constantly needed by one son or the other.  fourth, when i do find a moment to sit & listen my attention deficet mind is constantly switching focus to random topics.  but i specifically seperated myself from my boys so that i could focus on the words of my beloved thomas s.  and wow.  i am spiritually full.

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