Tuesday, October 4, 2011

10 months

my beautiful bundle of babiness is 10 months old

 at 10 months our little fox is:

1.  loves dancing.  anytime there is a beat going he is bouncing right along.  
2.  gives kisses.  mostly to his stuffed animals.
3.  waves bye & bye & hi.
4.  points at things that mommy & daddy name.
5.  doesn't like riding in the car when coop isn't in the back seat with him.
6.  has an appetite for meat & fruit.  steak & blueberries are his favorite.
7.  wants to be naked all the time.
8.  loves when daddy includes him in coop's soccer practices.
9.  still can't get the hang of a sippy cup even though he mastered a straw months ago.
10.  dominates the stairs.  he climbs up & down like there's nothing to it.

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