Sunday, October 2, 2011

game on.

my dear uncle mark treated us to 3 tickets to the stanford vs. ucla game.  it was a new & very much appreciated experience to watch a football game with todd by my side.  i enjoyed having his helpful hands to balance the parent/child ratio.  i am accostumed to managing 2 children in a confined 2-seat space for a 3+ hour football game on my own.  it was so liberating to to have todd around to occupy one child while i amused the other.  the game was exciting.  cooper wasn't sure who to cheer for until he met the ucla bruin.  that one him over.  the rest of the night he was all ucla (much to my uncle's dismay as he is a true stanford guy.)

(i opted for a lighter backpack to lug around the game.  hence, leaving the fancy camera home & making due with the point & shoot.  please ignore the awful picture quality featured on this post.)

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