Tuesday, September 6, 2011

NYC (part 2)

new york has so much to offer & we love taking advantage of all it.  getting to & around the city with 2 kids is exhausting (especially when i'm doing it solo) but worth it.  the boys actually love the adventure & being on the go.  oddly enough, they are much more difficult to keep happy when we are at home or sitting around the hotel.  we were very excited when daddy had a day off this week & we got to enjoy his company in the city.  here's a little look at what we've done lately.  

lounging in the hotel 
(thanks to hurricane irene)

giants vs. jets


rutgers park

 brooklyn bridge/manhattan bridge

new york stock exchange

federal hall

the bull

world trade center
(in your face osama)

colombus circle

central park

magnolias (upper west side)

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