Thursday, September 8, 2011

nyc (on the go)

isn't it amazing how convenient camera phones are?  there were so many times during our travels when i didn't want to lug around my giganto camera.  that's when i was grateful for my handy phone that i was always sure to have close by.  there's something unique & fun about phone photos.  they are usually spontaneous & they truly capture the moment.  here are a few random shots from my evo.

somebody thought tiffany's was really boring

 coop learned that he can walk around carrying tj

tj sleeping at his 1st nfl game

walking through harlem

time square with ms. mary

tj giggling in central park

loved the ferris wheel in toys r us

mommy-son date in time square

love the apprentice

catching bits of hurricane irene in his mouth

view from our room

sprinkles cupcakes.  yum.

strolling down park ave

love letterman
(ignore my freaky double jointed thumb) 

mommy-daddy date night
(ok, so camera phones can be tricky when you're trying to take a photo of yourself)

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