Monday, August 29, 2011

what's in a name?

this hurricane irene really has me thinking.  did you know that my grandmother's name is irene.  and she is currently residing in the eternal above.  i can't help but wonder if maybe she pulled some strings somehow to get this disaster named after her.  how awesome would that be?!  i'd love to have a hurricane named after me!  what a fun way to have the world remember you.  i wouldn't want to be a devastating hurricane.  i'd be more of a playful, tricky hurricane.  like maybe i'd start off really strong, at a level 5 & scare everyone.  then as i got closer to land i'd slow down to a mild storm & cause no real damage.  maybe tear down a few random trees that would land in clear areas.  but then just to get everyone's attention i'd go back out to sea & rage up real big again.  then i'd come back to land as a little drizzle.  no one would get hurt but i'd still be able to wreak a little havoc.  i love it.  i think i just may do this.  so watch out for hurricane sara in about 100 years.  

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