Sunday, August 28, 2011

come on, irene.

we survived our 1st hurricane.  irene has come & gone.  we had some hefty rain fall & mighty winds but no major damage in our area.  the surrounding cities have considerable flooding but the ground is already drying out here in east rutherford.  overall, it was a strange experience.  a lot of people evacuated but the giants told todd to stay put, so we stayed put.  we felt relatively safe since our building has a backup generator & ordered plenty of excess food & water.  plus, we are just down the road from the facility were they have resources in abundance.  the giants vs. jets game was post-poned.  the trains & subways closed at noon yesterday & all personal vehicles (including taxis) were banned from driving starting at 5:00 last night.  it was crazy to look out our window & see the beltway empty.  we couldn't & still can't go anywhere.  i'm hoping that by tuesday we will be able to get back to the city.  

ps-we also had our 1st earthquake last week.  yea, in nyc.  i spent my whole life in california & never felt a shake until i came to the east coast.  how weird!

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