Saturday, August 27, 2011

NYC (first look)

we are truly enjoying our time on the east coast.  we live in jersey, just a short 10 minute train ride from downtown manhattan.  we take public transportation on most days.  it truly is the easiest (& least scary) way to get around jersey & new york.  the boys enjoy getting around without car seats.  we tour the city like true tourists.  we walk around equipped with gps, train/subway schedules, & cameras strapped around our necks.  i truly do stick out like a sore thumb;  blondes, strollers/kids, & people who use turn signals are in the minority.  i've also been told at least a half dozen times that i'm obviously not from around here because i'm too polite.  i smile at people that i walk by & they look at me like i've lost my mind.  it's things like this that make me miss home.  oh, that & the fact that home doesn't have tornadoes/hurricanes.  did you know that we have a hurricane rolling through tonight?  i am not so excited.  i do enjoy the giants.  they have babysitting at the games for players' families, they have an amazing stadium, & the colors work well for me.  wish us luck tonight!  i'll post again the next time i find time to get on the computer (this is only my 2nd time on the computer since we got here.)

central park zoo

central park 

5th avenue




battery park


lady liberty

the view

ellis island

madison garden/post office

time square

rockefellar center


magnolias bakery

grand central station


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