Friday, August 26, 2011

27 things you should know about me

i am officially 27.  i had a lovely birthday in new jersey with my favorite men.  it's been a little busy between the chaos behind ms. irene's pending arrival, giants practice/pre-game schedule, & my mom's departing flight today.  but somehow the boys & i managed to squeeze in a little celebration; shopping, dinner, & a beautiful walk down washington st. in hoboken & my 1st train ride alone with both boys (it was a success!).  to top it off we grabbed dessert from none other than the world famous carlos' bake shop.  it was delish.

here are 27 things i think you should know about me.

1.  I have no problem with aging.  It's natural.  I am a firm believer in the  sayings, "Age is nothing but a number" and "You are as old as you act".  I plan on acting & feeling young for a long, long time.  So bring it on big 27!

2.  I love being barefoot.  If I am outside then chances are good that I am barefoot.

3.  You will probably never find a dirty dish in my sink.  Used dishes lying around really gross me out so I try to allows keep such filthy items either washed or tucked away in the dishwasher.

4.  I chew "half-a-stick" of gum.  A whole stick is just too much for me.  

5.  I am a firm believer in the power of honesty.  I think it may just be part of maturing.  I understand that a lot of people don't agree with a lot of my beliefs, ideas, thoughts, and actions but that's okay with me.  I'm fine with being a little different.  I try to make good decisions that I can stand up for.  I make mistakes but I don't try to hide them.  I apologize & try not to mess up again.  I say what I mean & I mean what I say.  If I tell someone that I will always be there for them, then I always will.

6.  I am obsessed with the beach.  I wish I could live in a tent on the sand forever.

7.  I loath reality t.v.  I think that it breeds bad behavior & makes celebrities out of fruit-cakes.  I mean look at Kim Kardashian.  Yuck.  She only became famous after she was willing to make & sell a sex tape.  Isn't it sad that we allow disgusting individuals like this to become "famous" & prosper from their sick behavior.  I prefer sitcoms & gameshows.

8.  My favorite things about my life are my children.

9.  I have three go-to outfit types:  dresses, t-shirts & jeans, or sweats.

10.  I wish I could convince my husband to let me adopt a baby.

11.  I truly enjoy baking, cooking, & decorating desserts.

12.  I try to live without regret.  Life is short.  I don't want to look back one day & wonder "what if?".  I've done that & it sucks.  I don't want to do it, again.  I try to make good decisions & live life to the fullest.  If there's something I want I go out & get it.

13.  I claim to eat healthy but I am a sucker for sweets.

14.  I cannot stand when people mistake kindness for weakness.  Just because I try to always be kind & giving does not mean you can take advantage of me.  Don't try it.  You will regret it.

15.  I am a snuggle bug.  I love love love physical touch with my dears.

16.  I have a very ecclectic style.  A dear friend once told me, "we are too grown to shop at GAP now."  I laughed.  I shop where I want to shop.  I buy what I want to buy.  Today my outfit consists of an Anthropology dress, Cole Haan shoes, Louis Vuitton bag, Old Navy belt, and Target cardigan & necklace.  I do not believe in limiting my selection based on brands but rather based on quality, design, & appeal.

17.  I am truly a hopeless romantic (that's why Todd and I balance each other out so well)

18.  I hate good-byes.  They are so permanent.  So unnecessary.  So sad.

19.  Everyday I strive to become a better person...don't judge me based on who I was in the yesterday because I am a better person today & I will be an even better person tomorrow. 

20.  I dream of one day appearing on a game show.

21.  I am stubborn.  Call it a burden.  Call it a limitation.  I call it a blessing.  My stubbornness has helped me to stay true to myself, stick with my convictions, & avoid peer pressure.  

22.  I am LDS.  I love my church & I truly do believe the gospel they teach is true.  

23.  I love bacon.  Bacon makes everything taste better.

24.  My priorities in life are 1. my God 2. my boys 3. my man 4. myself  

25.  I love white dishes.  Food just looks more appetizing when it is served on white dishes. 

26.  I live with passion.  And I love it.  Some times my life is a roller coaster of emotion but I'd rather that then a flatline of feelings.  Oftentimes people are admired for being "even-tempered".  I think that's silly.  I want to really experience life.  I think that if you are a really in touch with your emotions than you experience all emotions to the fullest.  I get really mad but I also get overwhelmingly happy.  I get very sad but I also love passionately.

27.  I have a firm belief that God gives us trials for a reason.  Everytime He hands me something difficult I try so hard to keep faith & learn the lesson that He intends me to learn.  At first it is very hard.  But with time & prayer I always end up grateful for the experience.  I love my Lord & He loves me.

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