Thursday, November 4, 2010

little devil

cooper is really something.  on sunday i dropped him off in his church class.  i reminded him that if he needed anything he could tell his teacher to come get me.  so there i am enjoying a wonderful lesson when his teacher brings him in to my class & says that he needs to go potty.  i rush him to the restroom but nothing comes out when he stands in front of the potty.  we wait & wait.  eventually, he admits, "i didn't need to go potty.  i just didn't want to go to my lesson.  i just tell my teacher i need to go potty but i just want to go home."  what a little devil!  he knew that lesson time was coming & that he could get out of class by using potty as an excuse.  

well his plan backfired.  since he didn't want to go to his fun lesson designed for 3 year olds i made him go to my adult-level class.  he was bored out of his mind but i loved having him there to snuggle me.  i don't think he will try that trick, again.

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