Wednesday, November 3, 2010

a spook-tacular halloween weekend

yes, i mean it when i say it was a weekend full of halloween celebrations for our little family.  here's a little run down.

(do you notice anything odd about this photo?)
thursday:  cooper's school halloween party & parade.  it was beyond adorable.  he helped mommy make ghost lollipops to hand out to his friends.  everyone wore their costumes (cooper was a shark) & the teachers set up some fun booths for the kids.  todd & i volunteered & were in charge of the cake walk.  well, i was in charge of the cake walk & todd quickly joined in the fun with the kiddos.  then the kids marched around the cul-de-sac with in the cutest little costume parade.  afterwards we celebrated with one final trip to the pumpkin patch.

friday:  eden's 1st pumpkin party:  cooper's favorite baby, his cousin eden, turned 1 & threw a wonderful pumpkin party.  coop loved playing with his cousins & helping eden celebrate.  

saturday:  trunk-or-treat:  our ward threw a trunk-or-treat.  coopy helped me decorate the car. he got all dressed up in his dino costume (he decided to switch things up a bit).  but once it was time to do the trick-or-treating he was much too grumpy.  he whined & begged to go home.  he wanted to trick-or-treat at the scary houses not at the cars.  such a little booger!

sunday:  trick-or-treating:  cooper insisted on playing a game of soccer with daddy before venturing out.  he did amazing.  i still can't believe how well he can pass & shoot.  after the game he put on his shark costume & carried his magic light ax & treat bag outside.  he only wanted to go to the scary houses & he wanted to fight all the scary creatures with his ax.  he was so brave!  he filled his entire bag before deciding it was time to go home.  we had a snack & he helped pass out candy.  then todd decided we should go drive to a new neighborhood to trick-or-treat, again.  after only five minutes in the car cooper was asleep (yea, at only 7:45, unbelievably early for him!). so needless to say he had a very fun weekend.

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