Sunday, November 7, 2010

why i love him so

1 year ago today i married the man of my dreams.

has it really been only a year?  it is so hard to remember my life pre cooper & todd.  it seems like they have been with me forever.

i thought i would celebrate this anniversary by sharing some of the reasons why i love my hubby so much...

1.  he always inspires & encourages me to be a better person.
2.  he is the world's greatest daddy.
3.  he is just plain fun.  everyday with his is an adventure.
4.  he doesn't mind taking the chicken meat off the bone for me.
5.  he supports my sweat suits addiction.
6.  he puts a great deal of thought & research into every big decision he makes.
7.  he makes me the most delish milkshakes whenever i request.
8.  have you seen him?  he is such a hottie!
9.  he makes up the most hilarious raps for me & cooper.  i just cannot help but giggle.
10.  he is quite the snuggle-bug
11.  he is just as easy-going & chillax as me.  we really are 2 peas in the same pod.

here are some of my favorite photos that we have taken over the past 6 years.

where we 1st met

silly boy + silly girl

all dressed up
gettin' our workout on

hello, baby?!
me & t
proof of how much he makes me smile
true love

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