Sunday, December 13, 2015

t.j.'s nfl party (giants vs. falcons)

tj opted to celebrate his 5th birthday with a football party, big surprise, i know. i'm used to cooper planning his entire party from the activities to the goody bags. tj is much easier to please. he had three simple requests, hot dogs, a chocolate-oreo-football-field cake, & a football game. in fact, the football game was the only thing he actually insisted on. i think we could have skipped the food & decor & he would have been just as happy with a few friends playing at the park-but since we do that at least a few times a week i had to up the to make the day a little something special. and i am so glad i did. i don't think i've ever seen my sweet guy so happy. football truly is his happy place. 

watching the little boys passing, running routes, kicking, punting, tackling, & calling plays was the best entertainment for us spectators. i we even had a few cheerleaders on the side lines routing for their favorite teams. i barely saw tj the entire party. it was hard to tear him away from the football just to get him to open presents & blow out his candles. he played hard & happily even after the sun was long gone. his favorite part was passing the ball to the inflatable receiver & kicking field goals. oh & presents, what kid doesn't love presents?

coach todd really took charge on this party (rightfully so, it is his scene). he planned most the details & set up for the big day. he led the kids in football drills & refereed a falcons vs. giants game (giants won by 7). he also manned the grill & took care of most the food. and my jaw nearly dropped when he took care of the clean up. after missing the last 3 of ti's parties he really pulled his weight with this one. cooper was the best big brother. he helped with the party prep & set up. and when the kids started to show up it was cooper that led the first few football drills. i wanted to eat him up when i heard him say, "come on kids, who wants to learn about field goals?" then he ushered all the kids to the goal for a quick lesson & some practice kicks. he has such a good heart & he is such a kind leader. mylo upped his play at the party. he was really showing off with some sweet kicks, jukes, runs, & of course, tackles. he was on present patrol. he made sure every guest brought a gift & he was sure to peek in every bag before taking it to the designated spot. that kid!as for me, this was the easiest party i've participated in. most the planning was covered by tj & todd. i put together a few little decorations, baked the cake, & put together a nachos bar. then i spent the day of munching, chatting, & soaking up my sweet birthday boy. i definitely think these parties should be more of a team effort from here on out.

ti's day was easily made. he is such a sweet, easy going boy. he was so happy to have his favorite friends, favorite food, & favorite game. we are so grateful for our dear friends that joined us in celebrating our favorite football fanatic. 

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