Sunday, December 20, 2015

coop's baptism

so i'm a little slow on the blog-front. eh, what can i say? life's been busy. but i do need to make special mention about a very special day for a very special boy. 11.l8.14, cooper j was baptized in to the church of Jesus Christ of latter day saints. this was a choice he made after plenty thought, study, & prayer. todd & i worked together to teach him about the lds church in comparison to other Christian churches. he spent countless hours reading the Bible & the Book of Mormon. ultimately, he prayed about it & felt like he should be baptized in to the lds church. he bore his testimony, met with the bishop of our local ward, & spiritually prepared himself for the big day.

he decided to wait until his papa came to maui so he could perform the ordinance. he asked that his dad pray, his mom give a talk on baptism, & the attendees sing "book of mormon stories." his good friend, titan was baptized at the same time. he was so happy to have his buddy there.

it was such an incredible experience for cooper & our family. i am so proud of this little boy & his big spirit. he is so persistent, so dedicated, so faithful, & so good. although he is often timid he has a hidden bravery that allows him to always make good choices no matter how hard they may be. he is  a light & a leader in our family & we are so grateful for him. 

(excuse the poor pictures. my sd card with the baptism pictures off my dslr broke so iPhone it is.)

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