Monday, March 30, 2015

phillies #10.

after taking a three year hiatus coop finally got back on the diamond. it took him a few weeks to get back in to the game but his hard work payed off. somehow he was put on the all-star team with the kids that play year around year after year. so he started off a little self-conscious. but the coaches were amazing and taught not only great technique but great sportsmanship through their words & examples. the parents & other teammates were all so encouraging. it didn't take my shy guy long long to feel at home with this group. from this team that his favorite position was second base & his biggest hit was a triple. baseball doesn't come as naturally to coop as other sports. mostly, because it's slow pace allows more time for thinking and my over analyzing perfectionist does better when he doesn't have time to over think every move. he loved baseball but soccer & rugby still have his heart. 

to be totally honest, football is quickly taking over. he got his first football jersey (since strutting his dad's jerseys) today & he refuses to take it off. he is insisting on wearing it to sleep. all my boys got new jerseys & they are all equally obsessed with them but tj is definitely the most captivated by the game. i'd say he spends over half of his waking hours consumed by some sort of football activity. cooper's favorite team is the giants, tj loves the cowboys, & mylo is a true raider fan; but they all agree that todd watkins is there favorite player" in ever, ever, ever".

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