Sunday, March 29, 2015

my lens.

it's months (8 to be exact) since i dusted off my big camera & took some quality shots. such a be honest, i completely forgot about it. that is, until coop & i were discussing his talents & dreams when he caught me off guard by asking me what my talents & my dreams are. ummm, total blank. it's been years since i thought about myself long enough to consider such things. i told him my biggest dream was to be a good mommy, but to a sensible 7 year old like coop that wasn't a good enough answer. he wants solid factual quantifiable answers. so after a few minutes of racking my brain i remembered that one of my long forgotten goals was to master my dslr. and there you have it! the reason for my new constant accessory. i' try to bring my camera along anytime i think i may have a few moments of down time. i still have a long long road ahead of me if i'm ever going to attain my lofty goal but there's no better place to start than the bottom, am i right? for now i'm just trying to keep off auto mode & figure out the overwhelmingly tricky settings. 

honestly, few things make me happier than pictures of my boys. i wish i could just truman show their entire lives. some days are sunshine & rainbows & others are just plain rough but when i look back at our photos  every smile, every tantrum, every tear, every moment seems down right perfect. i need to take more pictures. i don't want to miss any of it. so i hereby solemnly swear to capture it all (okay, maybe not all of it but definitely more.)

(waiting for cooper's baseball game to start with mylo, tj, & todd.)

(a typical lazy sunday afternoon at the beach with my men. soccer, football, sand castles, beach combing, & bbq.)

(scavenger hunt at ali'i kula lavender field & picking flowers at kula strawberry farm with our maui ohana. tj insisted on the biggest plant he could find, cooper got his favorite flower, a sunflower, & mylo simply wanted one small stemless blossom.)

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