Wednesday, December 10, 2014

TJ turns 4.

at 10 days early & with only 2 hours of labor tj burst in to the world in a rush, and he's been cruisin' ever since. he's my little roller coaster with the highest highs & the lowest lows. he's got a heart of gold & he is always aware of others. in the words coop, "tj always knows when i'm sad & shares his toys with me. and he always knows when i'm lonely & plays with me." he is a thoughtful & sensitive little snuggle bug, but can throw fits with the best of them. and he isn't afraid to let his lungs loose (as he made obvious the second he was came in to this world with the loudest newborn wail i've ever witnessed). he's a problem solver, a confidence builder, a helper, & a teacher. he's the shyest, most reserved of my bunch, but steal his toy or push his brother & he's quick to put you in your place. he's naturally athletic & pretty dang smart but he has no inclination to show off his abilities. every once in a while, when he's feeling up to it, his true talents shine & my jaw drops. he's got the most incredible memory & never loses a matching game. he is a natural comedian & knows exactly when to throw in the perfect punch line. he loves to dance & makes up his own raps. he can't wait to play on a sport team & earn his own trophy. he loves playing dress up & is almost always found in costume. his current favorites are a tool man, policeman, & fireman. he never wants to cut his hair, and i'm ok with that. his word of the year is "cundanganut" which means pretty much anything. he loves anything with sugar & avoids healthy food like the plague. squished in the middle of two pretty dominate personalities i always worried he would get lost but this kid has his own opinion on everything & nothing can swerve his determination. he has no problem playing up to cooper or down to mylo & every so often he prefers to do his own thing alone. he's a major daddy's boy, like big time. he still insists on being snuggled to sleep every night & since todd started school i get to do the honors. he says the sweetest prayers & always remembers the needs of those around him. every day he warms my heart with the sweet things he says & the thoughtful things he does. he's pretty incredible & he's mine, all mine. happy 4th birthday, todd juniors (his preferred name at this point)

1.  tj's best friend: cooper, mylo, kam, and august
2.  tj's name: teejay
3.  tj prefers to go by: todd juniors
4.  tj's favorite animals: dogs 
5.  what does tj want to be when he grows up: a wild kratts 
6.  tj's favorite movie: star wars 
7.  tj's favorite song: justin beiber "baby", & pharrell "happy"
8.  what makes tj happy? treats
9.  what makes tj sad? when my brothers don't play with me
10.  tj's favorite food:  pizza
11.  tj's favorite place: legoland 
12.  tj's favorite color: silver & blue
13.  tj's favorite game: lego star wars
14.  tj's #1 wish right now: a penny

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