Thursday, October 23, 2014

dirty 30.

can i get a big, hell yea for turning 30 (like two months ago, but hey, when you turn 20 you kind of quit counting)! woop! here's to another decade under my belt & the start of something great. 20's were definitely a whirlwind. i did more in 10 years than i really ever hoped. i earned a bachelor's & a master's degree, married the man of my dreams, birthed 3 healthy happy children, & miscarried 1 tender soul. traveled all over the usa, & moved to paradise. i saw so many amazing ups & a few difficult downs. i worked hard & got my hands dirty. i dressed up & enjoyed some fancy parties. i met so many inspiring people & crossed paths with a few people i'd care to forget. i saw true love & devastating heart break. i fought some foul fights & ran from a few. i laughed, i cried, i almost died. i'm in the best shape of my life, mentally, physically, spiritually, & emotionally.

20 things i learned in my 20's

1. when you feel grateful show it. never hide the good in the world.
2. when you make a choice own it. it doesn't matter if you make a good choice or a bad one. once you've done it, it's yours. if you were wrong, admit it, apologize. learn & grow. if you were in the right defend your decision. never hide. never slurk.
3. a smile & a good laugh can cure anything.
4. hold tight to good people. it's so rare to come across them. 
5. set your expectations high & never settle. you'll never regret the junk you missed out on but you will regret compromising yourself.
6. you really can't ever be over educated or over dressed. always better to over achieve than risk under achieving.
7. being kind is a million times better than being right.
8. a smart mouth isn't smart at all. in fact, it's rude.
9. the true keys to happiness are service, love, & dedication to family, friends, & the Lord. if you aren't happy you probably need a little more of these in your life.
10. quality over quantity every time.
11. moderation is always the best, except when it comes to family, friends, & the Lord. in those cases, give it all.
12. never return an empty plate.
13. homemade is the way to go. except in the case of shave ice, then ululani's is no ka oi.
14. when life gets hard, as it inevitably will, slow down & take time to revel in the simple things.
15. everything is better with chocolate & children.
16. don't compare or envy. it will only hurt you. if ever you feel insecure just compliment those around you. uplifting others is the best way to feel uplifted about yourself.
17. every person has something unique & beautiful about them that no other person in the entire world possesses. search out that bit & admire it, both in yourself & in others.
18. if there is something about your life that doesn't make you happy change it. you can do that. whether it's where you live or your job or a personal characteristic, it is never to late to change.
19. the ability to do better & be better is limitless. never stop progressing.
20. time & love are the greatest presents. they are the only ways that stick with us forever.

we celebrated my 30th with a little staycation to ka'anapali. and it was just what this ol' gal needed. no cooking, no cleaning, swimming from sun up to sun down (well, way way past sun down), and the company of my four favorite men. all the perks of a vacation without all the hassle. plus, let's be honest, i live on the greatest island in the world, why would i want to go anywhere else? honestly, though, i didn't even want to go on the staycation. in my mind the perfect birthday entailed a day at the beach with my boys, a nice dinner, & an endless flow of desserts. luckily, my husband knew just what i needed & totally disregarded my wishes.

 the boys loved the pirate ship, the park, the slides, & the bathtub-basically everything water related. mylo was a maniac in the pool. he would insist on jumping in the water sans floaties then he would float in the water looking at everything until finally reaching for help to surface. he swears he can swim. tj could have gone down the slide a billion times, actually, i'm pretty sure he did. coop is so much like his mama. he wanted nothing more than to float through the massive pools playing fish. todd had a pretty rad & somewhat life-threatening experience with a moray eel (more on that to come, later).

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