Monday, August 19, 2013

cooper's treasure hunt

cooper planned his birthday party themes five years out when he was only 4. and he has stuck to this plan. so this year we had a pirate treasure hunt. it seemed fitting considering we are only minutes from the beach & cooper loves the beach. we had treasure hunting, ship building, cannon practicing, sword fighting, plank walking, swimming, tire swinging, & all sorts of pirating. cooper had some of his favorite foods & a cake fit for a pirate king. the swords proved to be awfully useful. they were used to cut food, the cake, & even open presents. i think it was my favorite party, yet. the setting was beautiful. kanaha isn't my favorite beach for swimming (rumor has it the shark population is a higher than normal here) but i am a sucker for the white sand & bright blue water. everything flowed perfectly, there was no stress, & the kids were so easy to please. cooper had so much fun. everyone did. in fact, the party went 2 hours over! every year when i'm planning a party i swear it's my last. they are exhausting & expensive & a real pain in my okole. but every year when i see how much my kids enjoy being celebrated surrounded by so many people who love them it makes all the work worth it. we love you cooper j!


  1. I subscribed to your blog after a friend linked me here from the blog about the 10 things you want your sons to know. I found that blog amazing and have been reading ever since.
    Like Remi said^^^ you're amazing.
    Love reading and look forward to more.
    Thanks for sharing

  2. you throw the most amazing parties. A tom of fun for the kids without too much "I did this just to impress the other parents" decorations. This looks like it turned out so well and the kids had a blast!