Monday, August 26, 2013


it's my birthday. yay. i've never been into big birthday celebrations for myself (obviously, i don't feel the same way for my babes). normally, i do something small & fun with just my boys. but this year i get an extra special treat. for the first time since i've known him, todd will get to spend my birthday with me. i could not be more excited. my birthday celebration will include a stop by the gazebo for some broke da mouth pancakes-white chocolate macadamia nut, kimo's hula pie, if the weather permits a haleakala sunrise or sunsetm & of course, the beach.

(what you can't tell from this picture is that this was the only decent picture taken by cooper in a series of about 50 pictures he shot while we were sitting on the ground on the lanai playing with playdough. thanks tothe magic of afterglow's crop tool & b&w filter it looks almost decent.)

i like to use my birthday as time to reflect. i think about where i am in life & where i want to be. and now that i'm entering my final year of my 20's it's perfect time to think about what i could do better & how i can be better. it's about time a jot down my thoughts. just so i have something to remind me & set me in the right direction.

what i want to be--
as a mommy: comforting, patient, nurturing, loving, strengthening, protecting, trustworthy, ispiring, fun, reliable, joyful, encouraging, unconditionally loving, enthusiastic, attentive, open-minded, positive, uplifting, a good example

as a wife: loving, a friend, respectful, forgiving, tolerant, generous, dependable, enthusiastic, thoughtful, sincere, respectable, selfless, serving, gracious, supportive

as a person: loyal, happy, spiritual, kind, humble, honest, selfless, thankful, gracious, reliable, compassionate, hospitable, sincere, healthy, enduring, giving, positive


  1. Happy Birthday! I've been following you since I saw a cute dress on Pinterest that belonged to your blog! Everyone is dying to know where you got it!! I'm about to go make one unless you can share!

  2. Oh, it's the sequin maternity dress with bow

  3. 30 tomorrow! We share a birthday, I'll be 25.
    I found your blog today on fb where someone shared your letter about teaching boys to date. I just moved to Oahu a few months ago so I've been scrolling through your posts reading about the other island. I haven't been to any yet! So looking forward to exploring :)
    Happy birthday