Friday, July 5, 2013


mylo is one. mylo is ONE. (i'm going to have to get used to the idea of this.) i know this is cliche but the past year really has flown by. it seems like just yesterday i was laying in that hospital bed anxiously awaiting his arrival. and yet, i can barely remember what life was like before i knew him (i'm guessing calmer). his sweet little presence has forever changed our family for the better. he completes us. i just can't believe that my blonde haired, brown eyed little babe is one. 

mighty has changed so much in the past year & not just in the typical 1 year old progression. he's also gone from being a total mild sweet tender little dear to a determined self-assured independent little monster (i say that with total love & respect. his strong personality is one of characteristic i most treasure). this little boy knows what he wants & he is going to do everything in his wee power to get it. he's known to smack even his own parents in the face if they try to stand in his way. he is smart. too smart for his own baby good. he knows how to speak (mainly, mama, dada, wawa, nana-food) but he will only resort to using words upon absolute necessity. he prefers to get his point across by grunting & pointing-very cavemanish- it's the cutest. he adores his family. he loves his parents but he is head over heels for his brothers. and they totally reciprocate the feeling. i have to work to get him to smile but he laughs constantly at anything & everything his brothers do. he started off the year a major mama's boy but somewhere around month 10 he discovered just how cool his daddy is & he's never looked back. he is the fastest dang crawler i've ever seen. honestly, we should clock his 40. he can walk, he just prefers the more speedy method of getting around, crawling. he is fearless. honestly, i'm in trouble with this one. he climbs on & off of everything. and balances in the tightest of spaces. i've even seen him crawling around the beach carrying a crab. i feel like i spend the majority of my day just keeping him out of harms way. he loves music & dancing. he is the pickiest little eater. i swear he would survive solely off breast milk if i'd let him. (poor thing is going to have a melt down when he discovers he's being weaned as of tomorrow.) his favorite food is cheese. and chocolate. he is the worstest little sleeper. he is up 1-4 times a night. the poor dear has such a hard time waking up. he screams lingering in that half sleep mode for a while almost every time after waking. lucky for our neighbors he still sleeps with his parents so it doesn't take us too long to calm him down & rock him back to sleep. oh yea, he's a major screamer. he screams when he's happy, when he's sad, when he's mad, when he's bored, pretty much all the time. he loves discovering things & exporing. he's quick to put things in his mouth just to see how they taste. his favorite toys aren't really toys; the broom & dust pan, coral, silverware, surfboards, paddles. he hates the vacuum & he loves playing on beds. he is amazed by water. he loves staring at our fish tank & the tanks at the aquarium, checking out waves, watching waterfalls, & splashing in the tub. that explains why "wawa" was his first word.  he sports the most beautiful five teeth you've ever seen. no really, this kid is going to need some major dental work. one of his upper front teeth rests comfortable in front of his lower teeth (as it should) & the other choses to go behind. it's the craziest & cutest little grin ever. 

and because of all this & so much more we love him more than words to say. he is unlike any other being we've ever encountered & we love each & everything that makes him our mighty my. we are so very blessed to have him in our family.

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