Tuesday, June 4, 2013


i find it hilarious that i endured 2 years of constant stress, headache, & intense mental labor to earn a master's degree (msw) that i've never professionally used. alas, i do put my education to use everyday in my interactions with others, mostly, my kids. my sole goal in life is to raise happy physically/spiritually/emotionally/mentally healthy children that positively contribute to society. is that so much? one quality i focus most on is family. i want my boys to have strong bonds with each other & with their parents. during my schooling i came across plenty of theories regarding family. every time i came across i quality that is believed to contribute to strong family bonds i would add it to my list. since then, i've added a few qualities that i personally believe to be important. i refer back to this list often to make sure that my parenting is on track. i really really hope to nurture & encourage a strong watkins family.

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